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Download tools

1)Cheat Engine
2)Sol Editor
4)Calculator (All Programs> Accesories > Calculator)
5)Auto-click (Optional)
6)Key presser (Optional)
8)Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5

Way to badges

Cheat Engine
Method 1: 4bytes exact value x 8

Method 2: just the exact value will do

Method 3: Unknown initial value > Decrease value or Increase value until you found the address
Search, edit, and freeze it :)

NOTE:For tower defense, you can activate your "Auto-click" once you hacked so you can AFK and go to sleep.
Dungeon Defender - gold (Do not edit skill point or you cannot progress the next stage!)
Bloon Tower Defense 3 - $$
Maze Stopper 2 - Mana
Music Catch - Multiplier
Planet Defender - $$
Dino Run - evolution points, bones (Replace with .sol will be wiser seems even cheat is still time consuming!)
99 Bricks - 9.8 double change to 0 to freeze the gravity
Mr.Bounce - Time,Balls,Score,SlowMotion,Balls left(Just using LV1-1, 8 balls > 7 balls > 6 balls scanned, edit to 0)
Chronotron - level (maximum = 320)
Bloon Tower Defense 1 - $$
Bloon Tower Defense 2 - $$
Bubbles 2 - points
Drone Wars - Mothership HP, Metal, level (To win surviver mode, edit level to 79992 and end game will do)
Ragdoll Invaders - life,kill (Start life with 4*8=32, then 3*8=24; kill=8 > 16 > 24 but still need complete total 7 levels)
Open Doors - Level (LV1=8,LV2=16,LV3=24,Edit searched value to 200, complete LV3)
Indestructo Tank! AE - fuel,boom,exp (dec,inc,dec method, .sol edible)
Dog Eat Dog - Eat
Intrusion - Bullets, Life MAX in normal mode = 800 (SOL level=5)
Cirplosion - cirvival mode x8 (play challenge 3 for medium badge)
The Last Canopy - score, life
Desktop Tower Defense 1.5 - level (Freeze the level + Auto-Click to accumulate $$ & Score)
Warfare: 1917 - upgrade points
Sonny - Exp, $$ (Sol Editor able to change everything inside)
MARDEK RPG: CHapter 1 - Characters Exp
MARDEK RPG: Chapter 2 - Characters Exp
Ether War - Upgrade points
Ether Cannon - Upgrade points
Epic War - Enemy Tower HP, enemy boss HP, player MP, upgrade points
Epic War 2 - Tower Hp(Both enemy & you), Unit HP (Both enemy & you), Max MP, upgrade points
MONSTER's DEN - HP,MP,base stats, skill stats
MONSTER's DEN: The Book Of Dread - HP,MP,base stats,skill stats
Battalion: Nemesis - $$ (Both enemy and you)
Kingdom Of The Wind - Upgrade points
Mechanical Commando - HP, Damage received
Storm The House 3 - Gunman, Repair man, $$, HP/HP MAX (Do not change Ammo in Campaign Mode)
Talesworth Arena - $$,HP, MP, Power(Jaggernaut), Exp
Kaleidoscope Reef - Gauge bar
colourPod 2: dimensionPod - HP, Multiplier, Pixels, Colors level
Note:Color levels must not over it's maximum level, so as the multiplier to activate the badges. Do not freeze.
Arachnophilia - HP, web (Freeze when you get 18 addresses or less)
WhiteboardWar: ChopRaider - HP (Just play easy mode will do.. or try replace .sol file is much more easier)

1)type "hitTest" in text, "Ctrl-A" Select all addresses except green ones put into column below
2)change record 'Value' to 'asdf' click "Yes" for change and "No" for eliminate -0 branch.
3)Doesn't need to freeze, its invulnerability hack. Enjoy the game.

Death Dice Overdose - score
1) Speed = 0.3 "Set Speed", Speed = 0.01 then leave it, play game
2) When you score more than 2000, Speed = 0.01 "Set Speed"
3) Your score * 8 = cheat engine value
4) Every change in score will make the address that store the value changed.
5) Thus you can change it when you got less than 10 addresses, just edit all will do.

Aliens Must Die : The Jupiter Wars - HP, Power Pods
Full HP = 4026531840
1) Scan full HP, decrease and search till you get the value.
2) 'Unknown Initial' > 'Decrease Value' > 'Increase Value'

To edit Power Pods, use (new C.E value - old C.E value) = N
Then 2100000000/N = x = calculator value with decimal points?
Round it then x*N= Y = rounded calculator value
Then put back in your address, freeze it.

One piece of power pods = +16777216
edited power pods value = 2097152000

NOTE: Do not edit Debris value too high as it will crashed your browser

Hedgehog Launch - $$
1) Cheat Engine set as "Double" "Exact Value" "Rounded(default)"
2) Buy the 1st and the downward upgrade make your $$ become 39.50
3) Search 39.50, edit rounded 39.50 to 800000
::This method only as a reference in case you cannot find the value or encounter browser crashed.

Frantic - $$, player HP
Note: MAX HP = 165, MAX SP = 355, MAX Gauge Bar = 374
1) play 1st stage normally and end of the stage, change $$ using Method 2
2) when you having shield '+' sign, Pause "Unknown Initial Value"
3) Unpause and let the value drop down a bit pause again, "Decrease Value" till you search the correct value
4) freeze it (you will have unlimited super weapon depletion time)
Note: Shield depletion time share the same variable with Super Weapon depletion time.
Note: For safety, freeze your MAX power gauge bar as well.

Onslaught 2 - $$
Note: Since the address of $$ change every wave, thus you couldn't use normal track address method.
1)Just play normally, and store accumulate your $$ more than 1000, just need to survive for a few waves
(I don't think you can't accumulate that amount of $$ unless you are #$*#%#@%)
2)If $$(in game) = 1234, thus $$(in Search Engine) = 1234*8 = 9872 (Pause the game of course)
3)If you get more than 10 addresses, "New Scan", play another wave and check again the value
4)Once you got less than 10 values, select All put down there edit all with 79999992 will do.
Note: Higher value of $$ make the address easier to track.

White Board Tower Defense - $$
1) 4bytes 'Unknown Initial Value'
2) 'Decrease Value' (using Peon Tower) and search repeatedly until $$ = 0
3) 'Exact value' = 0
4) Sell all your Peon tower, now you should have < 10 addresses
5) Freeze all values build 2 Peon Tower (make sure the $$ is not decreasing twice)
6) Unfreeze one address and build a Peon Tower (check whether the $$ is decreasing or not)
7) Repeat step 6 until you found your $$ address (Normally smallest value)
8) Find out 'N' so that you can put in your own value, 'value X N'

X = Peon Tower = 10 (in game) = ?? (in Cheat Engine)
Y = Your $$ = 80 (in game) = 1079738368 (in Cheat Engine)
Z = Your $$ - Peon Tower = 70 (in game) = 1079574528 (in Cheat Engine)

( Y - Z ) / X = N --> ( 1079738368 - 1079574528 ) / 10 = 16384 Thus 
Your $$ = value * N + Y (Y can be replaced with Z)
1898938368 (in Cheat Engine) = 50000*16384+1079738368 = 160249675472xxxxx (your $$ in game)

NOTE:value is user define, which i put 50000 and value*N should not more than 9 digits if possible.

StormWinds 1.5 - $$, Upgrade points
$$ Method:
1) Apocalypse Cannon - 30000 x 8 (Flash 8 or 9 encrpyted code) = 240000
2) Cheat Engine: Exact Value, 4 Bytes, 240000 then Scan
3) Select All the addresses and put at the down column
4) Select All the addresses, right click Address column, Change record, Value = 0
5) Buy Apocalypse Cannons with cost free
6) Select All the addresses, right click Address column, Change record, value = 7200000
7) Sell your Apocalypse Cannons and repeat as many times as you want

Upgrade points Method:
1) just x8 will do.

Boxhead: The Zombie Wars - HP
1)Exact value = 100 (which full HP is 100)
2)'Decrease Value' after get one hit by zombie
3)'Value Between' 50 to 99
4)Get hit again and search possible result. Around 70 if HP bar not lower than half.
3)Normally two addresses found, edit both for more than 100 and freeze it, enjoy your game.

Olympics Dolphin 2 - Score, Time, dolphin velocitys
Score method:
1)Just 'Exact value' will do

Time method:
If time = 5:00 = 5*60 = 300 thus
1) Pause at start(5:00) type 'Exact value' = 300, then make the time to 4:59
2) then type 'Exact value' = 299, there should be 1 result. Freeze will do.

Velocitys Method:
velocity x = dolphin move horizontal increase speed
velocity y = dolphin move vertical increase speed (especially when perform 'Nice Entry')
dolphin velocity x = when out of surface, dolphin will move x based on velocity x + dolphin velocity x
dolphin velocity y = when out of surface, dolphin will move y based on velocity y + dolphin velocity y
1) 'Unknown Initial Value'
2) Move dolphin out of surface then pause and 'Increase value'
3) Make dolphin lie horizontally on the surface ( to decrease dolphin value to 0) and 'Decrease Value'
4) Repeat step 1 to 3 until you find 10 or less addresses
5) Stop the dolphin and check for 0 value addresses, change to 2100,000,000 (For velocity x and velocity y)
Note: Maximum value type is 4 bytes which is 2147,483,647 (Too greedy, dolphin will malfunction)
Note: Now your dolphin should able to move higher and faster.
6) Make a speedy movement (Move horizontally for a long time and then out of surface for about 90 degree)
7) Freeze dolphin velocity y (Make the dolphin constantly speed until it reach Restaurant)
Note: You need a little bit of luck, wrong addresses may crash  your browser when searching velocity addresses.

Pandemic 2 - infected, healthy, alive, kill, points
1) Choose virus, edit the virus points*8, disabled all symptoms only enable flu, all immunities and transmit method.
2) Change your country infected person to 2100000000
3) Kill Madagascar manually (Edit it....)
4) Wait till the virus spread all the countries and infected all the mankind, enable all symptoms.
Note: If vaccine succcessful cure mankind, you have to manually edit all countries healty to 0 and freeze it.

Color Fill - eliminate the cursor type arrows and balls with long tail
1) C.E -> "Double" "5" "Pause game when scanning" which will request to attach with debugger, "SCAN"
2) Go back the game, the arrows and balls will be eliminated left "gear shape" enemies only, enjoy your game.

LV0 Game
1)"Google" save file and replace in your directory will do.
Note: Directory at "C:\Documents and Settings\[User]\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\9KB8FZ2Y\chat.kongregate.com\gamez" or
2)All you need is a simple walkthrough... or
3)Just play... (because it's too easy)
ButtonHunt - 3
ButtonHunt3 - 3
Age of War - 3
Synapsis - 2
You Have To Burn The Rope - 3
Shift 2 - 3 (Trasher evil title is on the most upper right corner, click the "Do not click" button)
Zilch - 1 (Easy and medium badges you will need to play a few round to get it...)
Mytheria - 1
Wooden Path - 1
light-Bot - 2
Tactical Assassin 2 - 3
Scope: First Blood - 3
Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 2 - 1
Super stackers - 3
Warbears Adventures: An A.R. X-Mas - 2
The Majesty of Colors - 2
Microbe Kombat - 3
Z-Rox - 2
Warbears - 2
Johnny Rocketfingers - 2
Amorphous - 1 (You can use C.E or Sol Editor but the best way is..save file)
Johnny Rocketfingers 2 - 2
Gem Craft - 1
The Several Journeys of Reemus: Chapter 1 - 2
Hexiom Connect - 1 (Speed = 0.5 then play for 3 and 4 levels)
Perfect Balance - 1
Super Stacker 2 - 1 (complete level 40 to get 3 badges but no impossible badge)
The Several Journeys of Reemus - 2
The Several Journeys of Reemus: Chapter 2 - 2
Understanding Games: Episode 1 - 3
Understanding Games: Episode 2 - 3
Understanding Games: Episode 3 - 3
Understanding Games: Episode 4 - 3

Bubble Tanks 2 - 1
Upgrade to Heavy Arms mode to defeat boss then use the invincible mode search for the others tank.
Destroyer - go up bubble 5 times, go right bubble 10 times. (The rest of boss should be found during gameplay)

Sol Editor
0)Load the game
1)Go to "C:\Documents and Settings\[User]\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\9KB8FZ2Y\chat.kongregate.com\gamez\[To Find Your Game]
2)Right click open ".sol" using .Sol Editor, edit anything you can.

Mushroom Revolution - skill points, damage (or replace with .sol file will do)
More Bloons - level(string until 51,value=clear)
Nano War - level=15 (play last level)
Two Rooms - score=30 (play last level)
Loops of Zen - level=50 (press -> till level 50 and play last level)
Protector - skills, skill points, kill, map complete (Replace with .Sol applicable)
Protector: Reclaiming The Throne - skills, skill points, kill, map complete (Replace with .Sol applicable)
Momentum Missile Mayhem 2 - wave,level,skill points (Edit wave to 31 to get the badge)
Music Bounce Walkthrough - levels (Tick all to 50, play 50 with sequence 0-0-0-0-0-0-0-1-2-3-4-5-6-7-0)
Flying Fish - levels (Change to level 10, just collect easy crab)
Duck, think outside the flock - levels
SandStorm Racing - $$ (Level completed can replaced with .Sol file)
The Necronomicon - levels (Changed to 1 = completed or replaced with save file will do)
Scriball - level1=44, ball unlocked = 5, level0,2,3,4=1 (Or replaced with .sol will do)
Archilles - life, kill (surviver mode you should be able to win without cheating)
Warlords: Heroes - campaign mode, HP, points (Surviver Mode: Printscreen let Kong Staff give you the badge...while DC)
BoomStick - level,accuracy,score (Speed = 0.5 then beat level 20 and 21 if didn't complete yet)
Amberial: Nebulosa Realms - Ace,pass,level (replace with .sol file will do)
Type:Number; Name:p_1; value: 1
from 1-16 (normal levels)
from 30-35 (extra levels)

Brute Wars - map, Ac, HP, Points, cards, items (Cheat Engine x8 able to edit temporarily only)
150 = Treassure Not Open 151 = Treassure Open
100 = Shop 200 = Next Portal
10 = castle
1 = map incomplete 0 = map completed
*Paste animal1.sol , animal2.sol into ....0001\0419\live\brutewars.swf
*Load Save1, win the castle (you should get the 7 castles badge)
*Load Save2, go into the left portal (you should get the ending badge)

Speed Hack

Tangerine Panic! - speed =0.5 (Easier for you to dodge it)

Jumpcat - score
1)when score start count,speed = 0.01, search value x8
2)then speed = 0.1, then speed = 0.01, search value x8
3)edit value x8, speed = 1 (go die now, get your badge on score submit)

Breach - level
1)Open breach save file using Sol Editor, set 'Level' to 6.
2)Open Cheat Engine, select your browser, tick "Enable Speed Hack", set "Speed = 0.1"
Note: You will survive longer, but of course you need to play a little bit longer too

Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 3
1)Open Cheat Engine, select your browser, tick "Enable Speed Hack", set "Speed = 0.1" let the song run.
2)Once the song run, set "Speed = 0.01" to freeze the game
3)Once the song finish, set "Speed = 1" to continue the game to get your Perfect star :)

Dodge - level,8x, score, kill (Cheat Engine, Speed = 0.5, slow it before hack)

Z-Rox (Replaced data or use walkthrough you can get 3 badges)
For "Extreme Random Attack" mode, freeze time by
1) time = 0.01 (freeze time in Cheat Engine) then "Unknown Initial Value"
2) time = 0.1 then "Decrease Value" until you search 3 or less possible result.
3) Once you found the addresses, frozen the address value.
4) Get the right answer, either you can draw it out on a paper, or just type in the walkthrough from 1-100.
5) Once it go to level 2, unfreeze the address (speed = 0.1) wait the time change by 0:01 or more, freeze again.
6) Repeat step 4 and 5 until you went all the way to level 21 then release the address value to get your badge.

Vector Runner - invincibility
1) time = 0.5 when game start, till you receive invincibility (white square box) with no damage taken, press PAUSE
2) "Unknown Initiate Value", set speed = 0.01
3) Press "Enter" to continue game, but don't worry, the game shouldn't move.
4) set speed=0.1, then set speed=0.01 after a second, "Decrease Value"
5) Repeat step 4 until you found 18 addresses or less (Frozen all addresses value to get unlimited invincibility)

Note: You can printscreen (Look for your keyboard button), paste on "Paint", save as ".jpeg", edit with "Adobe Photoshop" and save as ".jpeg" again. Submit to Kongregate staff, will do. Make sure your editing skill is good enough,good luck!

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